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Bean there, Done That?  Not till you've tasted our Vanilla.
What makes our vanilla so special? It's all about the bean. Ours are grown in Madagascar, a botanical "Treasure Island". Beans from Madagascar are regarded as the best in the world, famous for their rich aroma and smooth, complex flavor. Harvesting in Madagascar is strictly regulated by the government, so only fully-mature beans are picked, insuring the finest end product. The island's environment is one of the cleanest in the world. The heavy metals and toxins that pollute the topsoil of other countries are rarely found in the soil of Madagascar.

Organic Certified Vanilla Beans
We continue the purity, by growing our beans using certified organic methods, protecting soil quality and using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Each pod is dried only in natural sunlight - never in overheated ovens. The result? Our whole vanilla beans have high moisture content, producing an extremely aromatic and flavorful bean. And, because we operate at the source, Lemur International can choose the finest organic beans to be processed into extracts, whole pods, and ground vanilla to suit our exacting standards.

Our Vanilla Helps Save the Rainforest
Although it is incredibly beautiful, Madagascar is a very poor country. To sustain themselves, many families were clearing the rainforest to plant a variety of food crops. But now Lemur International has established a farming cooperative, making it possible for these families to earn a living by growing and processing vanilla, which thrives in tropical forests. Lemur International provides their growers with many community benefits, including health care, vaccines, and educational supplies.

Finest Vanilla Quality
Lemur International is proud to offer the finest Organic Certified Vanilla products from Madagascar for the food & beverage, nutraceutical, cosmetic and aromatherapy industries. Our vanilla is the preferred choice of chefs, bakers, confectioners and ice cream manufacturers who require premium quality in their kitchens. We are the only company producing Pure Ground Vanilla Beans, pulverized into uniform particles for convenient use.


• Vanilla Extracts Madagascar Bourbon
• Vanilla Concentrate
• Vanilla Oleoresin (Oil soluble)
• Vanilla Bean Seeds
• Vanilla Bean Seeds in liquid extract
• Vanilla Absolute
• Vanilla Blends (Tahitian / Bourbon)

• Ground Vanilla Bean
(100% whole fresh vanilla bean)
• Vanilla Powder
• Vanilla Powder with Fresh Seeds


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