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Essential Oils]
Inhale the Pure Aroma of Treasure Island… Without ever getting on a plane
Dubbed by scientists as a "Botanical Treasure Island" our essential oils begin in the loamy fresh soils of Madagascar, located 250 miles from the nearest continent. Its pristine island environment and ecological diversity make its plant extracts and essential oils both distinctive and exceptional.

Purest of the Pure
Madagascar's environment is one of the cleanest in the world. The heavy metals and toxins that pollute the topsoil of other countries are rarely found in the soil of Madagascar. Very few of the country's farmers can afford chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. So, most rivers and streams in Madagascar are free of chemical residues and industrial pollutants. Automobiles are rarely seen outside the capital. Air pollution and the toxins that accompany it - nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide - are virtually unknown on the island. We are able to start with pure, clean, uncontaminated plants to bring you the purest essential oils.

Why Purity Matters
When you purchase an essential oil, you hold in your hands the heart and soul of a plant. The essential oil is the plant’s very “essence”, giving it its scent as well as protection against decay, infestations, bacteria and mold. Some clients purchase essential oils, not for the fragrance, but for their natural and healthful preservative qualities. Through a process of steam distillation, the plant’s essential oil is extracted; yet the yield is small. For us to make one pound of our ylang–ylang essential oil requires fifty pounds of flowers. Clearly, the purity of the original plant affects the purity of the essence.

Our Pure Products
Lemur International is proud to offer the finest Organic Certified Essentials Oils from Madagascar, for the cosmetic, aromatherapy, food & beverage and nutraceutical industries.

• Basil (Sweet): The stimulating and refreshing oil of the
basil leaf has a faint licorice aroma and balsamic
• Calophyllum Inophyllum: This rich and luxurious
opalescent oil, also called Foraha oil, smooths damaged
skin and discourages wrinkles.
• Cinnamon: Aromatic, sweet and warm, Madagascar
cinnamon oil has an animated quality and exciting over
tones not found in other cinnamon oils.
• Geranium: The geranium leaf yields a heavy, olive-
green oil that has a rosy, slightly sweet, minty fragrance.
• Ginger: Oil from the ginger root is warm and spicy, and
used in a variety of food and cosmetic applications.
• Ravintsara: Oil extracted from this tree’s leaves has a
deep camphorous, woody, and slightly floral scent.
Soothing and relaxing, it is very popular in massage oil
• Vanilla: The long lasting, rich fragrance of vanilla bean
essential oil is a perennial favorite.
• Ylang-Ylang: This sensuous, sweet oil is extracted from
the fragrant yellow flowers of the tree and evokes
sensations of languor and calm.
• Please inquire about our other essential oils Lemur


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